Real Estate Summer Marketing Promotion

Real Estate Summer Marketing Promotion
Keeping a competitive edge in today’s real estate marketplace requires brokers and realtors to remain on the front wave of marketing strategy and techniques.  Maintaining a current and attractive presence that allows users to find your listings, and contact you quickly and easily is crucial.
We are here to help. Kake Multimedia is a unique team of marketing professionals, strategy consultants, creative content producers, and experienced business administrators focused on providing you the most effective solutions. Our team has years of experience working with traditional marketing platforms as well as the skill sets necessary to push the boundaries of current available technology to best reach your target audience.  We also have experience working with major brand names in the Real Estate industry and have a strong understanding of the marketplace. Contact us to learn more about:
Custom responsive websites for Brokerages, Agents, and Individual Properties. Our website solutions are built on industry standard platforms, and implement some of the most cutting edge Real Estate focused technologies including IDX/MLS integration, Google Map search integration, Social Media integration, and direct contact features including live chat.

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, and Content Development. Understanding how your website code and social network interaction can improve your placement in search engine response can be a little bit tricky.  We understand the formula to raising your search response, and we understand how to do it in a manner that is self sustaining.  Let us help you gain and maintain control of your audience’s searches.
Photography, Video, and Design. Kake Multimedia’s production team prides itself on creating some of the most attractive content on the web.  Through our established partnerships with Allori Photography and, we have the ability to provide top quality video and photography in all major metropolitan areas.  Contact us today regarding rates and scheduling.
360 Degree Marketing.  Traditional marketing including print and radio, as well as effective mailing list management still have their place.  Understanding when and how to substitute digital and traditional marketing techniques can mean a big difference in profit margin.  Let us help you evaluate your budget.
Contact us today to schedule a free website or marketing plan evaluation with a member of our team at

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